Antidepressant (Flash Fiction)

178 words

I used to smile.

I used to be fun and smile at everyone and anything.

Then something happened and it became harder and harder to smile.

I stayed at home, curled up in bed, shutting myself off from the world. I cried for no reason and hated everything I used to love.

“Snap out of it” they tell me. “You just need a good nights sleep” they say. “You have no reason to be depressed so just… don’t be,” they insist.

Shockingly none of that works.

One day on a mopey walk to work I see the sign and even though it had never occurred to me before, I follow it: FREE KITTENS hastily scribbled in thick black marker on cardboard.

I fall in love instantly. His green eyes, his tiger stripes, his fluffy belly, and legs that are too long for his tiny body.

I scoop him up and hold him to my chest, feeling his fuzzy body and hear his purrs against my neck.

It’s then that I remember

just how easy it is to smile.

Author’s Note: I am not claiming that a kitten should be used in place of seeing a licensed therapist or being on an anti-depressant. If you’re feeling depressed, please please find someone to talk to about it. This flash fiction was written when I was having a bad morning and my kitten sat at my feet and was being goofy and completely changed my mood.

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