Current Work In Progress

Status: First Draft Completed – Dec ’22, prepping for first editing round

Summary: Book 1 of an urban fantasy series with a working title of PROJECT MOON (name will be formally announced later). The series follows a witch living in Philadelphia who is drawn into the search for someone who is kidnapping and murdering the heads of prominent magical families.



Image credits:


Top- Geo Moon Light Sculpture from Urban Outfitters

Middle- Pinterest image for expired domain buyjewelrypendants.com

Bottom- Cherry Almond Moon Milk Recipe


Instagram user @makabrotka.

This image actually inspired the entire series so it’s a very prominent one in the aesthetic. This is an original character of the artist tagged above (who has amazing work and even done tattoos), I merely took inspiration from the look and feel of the image to create my own characters and stories from it. It will not be used in selling my work when it comes time to publish, only to show my inspiration here on my site.